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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 2, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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evacuations going into place in the past hour. take a look at the storm from space. we have the images in. the picture snapped by an astronaut on board. north carolina's cape lookout is shutting down operations and evacuating state park visitors until 5:00 p.m. today. hammocks beach, is a barrier island, is also under evacuation. red flags are up at this beach in florida. life guards are preparing for rough conditions. safety officials have doubled the number of rescuers for the next few days. the storm is threatening millions of tourists this july 4th weekend. let's launch into more details with bill karins. he's been following it all morning law. i around you around 6:00 a.m. with the update. it's looking treacherous in some areas. >> yeah. not just going to be a glancing blow for the outer banks of north carolina. it will be a district hurricane. people spending a good portion of the day inside when it arrives. a new update from the national
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hurricane center. on radar it looks impressive. you can see clearly an eye. a center is cleared out. the hurricane center has yet to see the winds translate to hurricane strength. the pressure at 997. that's been staying steady. it's not rapidly intensifying. so that's also good. winds at 60 miles per hour, it's due east right now. daytona beach, it started the journey up the coast. as far as the forecast path from the hurricane center, they didn't change it much. i thought maybe they would nudge it a little bit closer on shore to eastern north carolina like some of the models. they're not jumping on quite yet. they have time to tweak it and adjust it. eastern north carolina in the cone of uncertainty anyway. notice much of new england is out of the cone of uncertainty. the exceptions being martha's van yard, nantucket, and cape cod. here is a category one hurricane thursday at 8 p.m. just off the coastline. just to the outside of
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wilmington south of the atlantic beach area. starting thursday afternoon evening the worst conditions arriving in eastern north carolina. it gives you until probably noon thursday for preparations there. either you prepare, get out of your house or stay in. friday 8:00 a.m. sunrise it's exiting the outer banks. the worst of it will be during the overnight hours. you'll be riding out the storm during the night thursday night into friday morning. during the day friday, the storm rockets out to sea. i mean, we won't see much impact at all for areas along i-95 including ocean city in new jersey. the exception is dealing with rip currents, large waves, the most dangerous portion of the storm, likely being the deadly portion of the storm, is people trying to swim in the rough waters. here is the computer model. this is why i thought the hurricane center may shift the cone a little bit toward north
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carolina. a lot of squiggly lines present possible paths for arthur. they go into north carolina. direct landfall not out of the question. right now category one. my rule of thumb. we're not great, admittedly, our computers aren't great, meteorologists aren't great at forecasting the intensity. prepare for a category two. hopefully it'll be weaker than that. >> yeah. thank you very much. let me bring in richard lui in central florida east coast with the latest from his advantage point. >> thank you. the latest advise i are what is different. they dropped the tropical storm watch. here in brevard county they're keeping, in terms the emergency operation center here, level two. which means there are partial operations. ready should something happen. the storm has moved about 105 miles north, northeast of cape
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c canaver canaveral where flagler county is. the director of the ocean rescue say it may not be a big storm so far but be careful. >> when the storm comes, and it doesn't hit. sometimes it's more dangerous than the direct hit. some people it's a invitation to challenge themselves and swim a little bit more. our concern is the offshore movement is going to create a lot of swells and disturbances in the water and make it a tough weekend for a life guarding. >> so you heard from the warnings there. even though the situation may seem okay, be careful if you're paddle boarding or surfing. be careful don't let your guard down. tamron, what they're thinking of right now although they're dodging a bullet here in the central coast, they're looking north. it reminds them of 2012 when irene had a parallel course
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going up. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciated. developing right now live look at the federal courthouse in washington, d.c. the suspected ring leader in the benghazi attack is appearing at the detention hearing right now. as you can see under extremely heavy security ahmed abu khattala arrived a the courthouse several hours ago. prosecutors are arguing khattala should remain in detention because he is supervised the attack on the u.s. consulate. has repeatedly expressed his hatred of americans. ckhattala pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges on surd. we'll bring you a live report from the courthouse as soon as the hearing ends. and now to israel. where our nbc news crew was caught in the cruise fire as israeli troops clash with palestinians in east jerusalem. after reports of a arab teen being kidnapped and the body found an hour later. here is a part of ayman and his
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crew witnessed. [ shouting ] [ shouting ] >> the clashes between palestinians and israeli troops. they are trying to determine if the apparent kidnapping and murder of the arab teen was in retaliation for the killing of three israel teens who were buried yesterday. we are on the ground there now. we know you are here and your crew is okay, thankfully. we know the tensions boimed over. there's great concern about the region yet again falling into the situation where it's destabilized even more. >> that's correct, tamron.
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these type was attacks are called here among palestinians as price tag attacks. this is an indication of the kind of tension that is boiling over. we're on a street leading into a neighborhood of east jerusalem that is predominantly arab. they have barricaded it. inside kids engaged in stone throwing throughout the morning. the police have been firing tear gas, rubber bulleted to keep them contained. they pushed in every once awhile to try to disburse them. more and more people have been coming here. we came out of the center of the standoff. that's why we're a little bit late. we managed to speak to the father of the 17-year-old boy who was abducted overnight and quilled. now, according to the father, he says that two israelis kidnapped his boy about 4:00 a.m. local time as he was on the way to morning prayers. his body was later discovered in a different area of jerusalem, very badly burned response badly burned it wasn't even identified identifiable to the police. they collected dna samples from
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the father and mother to try to determine his identity. there's no doubt who was behind that attack. in the eyes and minds of the local residents here. they say these types of attacks are very common. this comes in the wake of the kidnapping and killing of three israeli teenagers. a lot of times after the attacks, what we've seen jewish settler will storm palestinian homes, attack local villages, destroy lands. or in the case of what happened last night, according to the local residents, kidnapped the young arab boy and killed him. israeli police say there's an criminal investigation. they haven't determined the motivation. it could be nationalist or a criminal act. for the time being, the situation remains tense. they cut off access to the part of east jerusalem. they cut down the holy sites in the city. a tense situation that is expected to last for several more hours. >> absolutely. to the incident that played out that you witnessed there, this
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escalated as a result of the report of the young boy, or the young person perhaps kidnapped and kill there had. give us more details on what played out. >> we moved to the front lines where the clashes where. our crew and several journalists who have been covering the story in israel and the palestinian, for several years, wear jackets marked press. we were standing an area close to the stone throwers. we moved away at one port after reports of one of the protesters being shot. we were further away from the front lines when the israeli police tried to storm the barricade. in the moment, we were caught in a parking lot in an open field, really, on one side the palestinian stone throwers. we huddled by the car and yelling we were press. they could see us in the flag jackets marked press. several of the grenades lobbed in the direction were lobbed in the direction of the journalists closer tow where we were to
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where the stone throwers were. we were trying to let them know we were international journalists for the time being, it didn't slow down the offensive. after wards when we managed to get up and walk toward the police, they turned us baseball. even though we spoke to them telling them we're representatives of the media. they told us keep walking. the guns were pointed at us. it was a tense situation for us and the local residents. >> absolutely. thank you very much p. an angry protesters force a bus to turn around. the latest how it happened out of california. we take you live to texas to a border town there. a food truck suddenly explodes in north philadelphia. incredible. a doesn't people hu -- dozen people hurt. plus, this. >> they never quit. they fought to the end. we could have got the second goal. it's a matter of time. we did great. >> american world cup run is
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uncertainty today for dozens of migrant children and their families after an angry standoff in southern california between protesters and officials. hundreds of protesters blocked buses carrying the undocumented immigrants, many of infants scheduled to arrive at the holding facility in the city of marietta, california.
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they had to scramble to reroute the buses to san diego. northbou >> this is where the undocumented immigrants ended up. 75 miles away from their original destination. families turned away from a community who would not let them in. they first arrived in san diego by plane from overcrowded facilities in texas. 140 undocumented immigrants. many just babies and toddlers with their mothers boarding buses for marietch yemarietta, california. they were greeted by angry protesters. furious the families from central america would be processed and released from a holding facility here. [ shouting ] >> confrontations with immigration advocates turned heats with roads blocked, police
8:16 am
standing by as three bus loads of family were turned away because of fear for their safety. >> thousands of people being allowed into our country illegally. we're here to voice our objection against it. >> it's heartbreaking to see it happening coming from the land of opportunity. >> the buses returned to san diego. the families instead brought to this border facility to be screened for criminal history and health problems. those who have made this trip say this is the easy part. for many, the life or death journey across the desert is worth the risk. desperate to escape violence and p poverty. see celia made the dangerous trip. >> translator: we know the trip, she says. in my country, my kids are in great danger because of crime and poverty. >> because the group of 140 undocumented immigrants was
8:17 am
under threat during their transportation, i.c.e. officials will not confirm their exact location or where they're heading next. >> at the front line of the current crisis our border towns like in texas are dealing with a huge influx of children. they are helping to provide shelter for the thousands who are waiting to be processed. msnbc is in mccallum this morning. thank you for your time. as was mentioned in miguel's piece, many of the families caught up with the protesters facing off with federal officials were from texas, not the facility you're at. they were there because there's not enough places to hold them in texas. >> exactly, tamron. what we're seeing is a group of organizers and local charities are coming together and they're expecting to have a massive flood of influx of mothers and their children later today. what they're doing is bracing
8:18 am
with food and clothes and getting them ready to go on their next leg of the journey. we were at the central bus station here today, and there were mothers waiting in line for buses with their children waiting to go any city across the country to meet up with their families where they'll have to appear before an immigration court later on. >> as i understand it, until a few weeks ago, the migrants were simply dropped off at the bus station after they were processed. >> that's right. border patrol is trying to figure out what it needs to do and the department of homeland security and as well as the health and human services are trying to figure out what to do with the massive influx of kids. here is the busiest as we see many kids cross the border. they don't know where to handle the kids. and they are already building a makeshift manufacturing facility, which is in the works, will hopefully be able to shelter up to a thousand kids.
8:19 am
we don't know when it's going to be coming or where or how. >> i'm familiar with mccallum being a texan. i'm curious if you had the opportunity to talk with the folks who live there or around there. their reaction to the crisis. are you seeing heated words, heated actions, as we witnessed in california? >> i haven't been seeing that yet so far. i've been seeing local charities coming together. what started as a makeshift operation of a food and clothing drive, operating out of the trunk of a car was helping people who were at that bus station and needing supplies, needing diapers, needing formula for their small children they carried across the border. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your live report from mccatexas. they have seen thousands of migrants come in. the city officials are unable to deal with it, as we witnessed in california. the two wisconsin girls who
8:20 am
allegedly stabbed their friend and blamed the online fictionalcharacter will appear in court this morning. their mental health is a big focus. we'll talk to the reporter inside the courtroom. we've had plenty of private conversations. don't make a scene here and a spectacle. >> she did make a scene. new jersey governor chris christie clashes with a spectator. we'll play it. with their gospel music singing family. knowing a thing or two about what makes a good bus ride. they started the coach company. their clients include justin timberlake, lady gaga, and the president. if i can impart one lesson to a
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8:24 am
heartbreaking loss. howard being praised for the epic game in which he wrapped up 16 saves. it's a world cup record. it was not enough to push the u.s. to the quarter finals. it will be another four years before americans can cheer on our team in soccer's biggest event. joining me now the sports editor the nation and the new book "brazil's dance with the devil." did so you a chapter dedicated to team usa making it this far? >> i certainly did not. i didn't have them getting out of the group of death. they were in the deathiest group of death of all the groups. yes. they were playing against a belgium squad coming out of the easiest group. that's why i gave them a fighting chance in the game beforehand. a lot of people did. the u.s. had been tempered by stiff competition. it was not enough against a team in belgium a lot of people are picking to maybe go all the way. >> tim howard, as mentioned, shown on the today show. i thought he did a great job of
8:25 am
balancing. being somewhat proud of what he was able to accomplish as a individual player but put his team first and didn't revel in the praise he's receiving. he's inspired the viral videos. how great he is. but he was about team. >> there's a petition to rename d.c. reagan's national airport which some might appreciate. >> on wikipedia they changed secretary of defense to him howard. >> it's unbelievable. the belgium counter point had to save four shots. think about it like this. if tim howard had an exceptional game, the u.s. would lost 4-0. he had a game of his generation but it still wasn't enough. >> it wasn't enough. people are wondering now that the team usa is out of the running the audience might die down. our interest might die down. is it because, for example, with tim howard. he goes off to play for manchester or another club that won't be in the united states and it's hard to don't fool the guys. >> tim howard has spoken about
8:26 am
it twroord the teammates. it you don't go off and play with the english premier league you're not going get better. that's the tough thing like clint dempsey. tim howard raised it himself. are we going get better if we're not doing what the teams from latin america. the great brazilian players leave their country to play in other players. they come back tempered by the amazie inine inine ining intern competition. >> it would have been the serena williams and her health. the video of her in wimbledon. it was hard to watch. she's a perfectionist. what happened here? >> that is still an open question. er is renee williams camp is saying perhaps a virus. >> describe what people saw. >> people should see the video tape. if you have a good
8:27 am
constitution -- it's very sad. she was crying before the doubles event even started. she had already lost in wimbledon in the singles competition. she tried to play points with her sister, venus. she was in tears before the match even started. she couldn't bounce the tennis ball let alone do one of her famous serves. she's 32 years old. she won the u.s. open. it's not someone on this incredible down slide in her career. clearly something is physically wrong. clearly she tried to do her will exceeded what her body was ability to do. what i don't like is that there's a lot of criticism coming from elder tennis circles as if she was bringing some kind of shame on to the board by going out there. >> i'm sorry i hasn't heard that. that's horrible. >> i think people like tracy austin, pam shriver, they need give her credit for trying under terrible physical circumstances. >> it seems like, to me, online people were concerned about her health. >> exactly. >> wondering what happened with her. >> as people should be. >> all right, dave.
8:28 am
thank you very much. greatly appreciate you joining us. next followup to brazil you have to include the united states. we're going all the way to four years. give me four years to learn the game. gut check is about the world cup. we want to know are you still going to watch now that team usa has been knocked out. coming up a new poll shows voters disapprove of president obama's handling of the economy. so why is are they saying the president has a quote, pep in the step, even as house republicans threaten a lawsuit. nbc political editor mark murray will join us. developing now. we're monitoring the tropical storm arthur and its impact on the holiday weekend. there are already some evacuations underway near north carolina. we'll have the latest in a live report.
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the now to politics. president obama will host top economists at the white house lunch today to discuss ways to accelerate economic growth and opportunity. that, though, as a brand new poll shows 40% of voters approve of the way president is handling the economy. 34% of voters said president obama has been be ttter for the economy than bush. the president has a little more pep in the step after house speaker boehner announced a lawsuit over the president's use of executive action. joining me live to explain it is mark murray. it's not often somebody is threatened with a lawsuit and says so sue me. that's what the president said. >> we have seen the president a lot more energized particularly monday when he announced the immigration debate was all but done and he was taking executive
8:33 am
action. of course, reference house speaker john boehner and house republican lawsuit against him. yesterday he was out in the washington, d.c., area talking about the need for more transportation spending and also was able to get in some jazz at house republicans there as well. tamron, one of the reasons why it might energize the president. it's important to note it comes at the president's lowest point in the polls. 41% in the most recent poll. it allows them to contrast the situation. he's trying to take executive action. he's saying i'm trying to do something. house republicans in congress are doing nothing. i think that contrast allows democrats and the people at the white house to smile a bit even though the overall political environment looks very grim for them. >> all right. mark, thank you very much. i've got to take our audience to breaking news. breaking news just in. the detention hearing of b benghazi suspect ahmed abu khattala ended. we go live to pete williams.
8:34 am
what can you tell us what happened there? >> no surprise. the judge ordered his continued detention until the trial. there's no trial date set yet. but we did learn a couple of things. one thing that the government says is that the evidence against him consistents not only of witnesses -- statements by witnesses to the attack, but this is the first time we've heard the government say that some of the evidence against him includes voluntary statements made by khattala himself. we've been told by senior government officials that he was cooperative during the roughly two weeks during which he was interrogated after he was captured in libya, and all the time he was coming to the u.s. aboard u.s. navy amphibious ship from the mediterranean to just outside washington. his lawyers conceded he should be held. partly because he's a foreign national. he has no ties to the u.s. they said basically the government has not presented any evidence that he himself took
8:35 am
part in the attack. they say that the government has shown that people he knew were involved in the attack, but no allegation that he himself was one of the attackers. just before this hearing, the government submitted a written motion on why he should be held. they said that among the allegations against him are that in the days before the attack, he talked about why he thought it was wrong there was a u.s. presence in benghazi, several members of the terror group that he lead were among the attackers. shortly after the attack he entered the consulate in benghazi and in the words of the government, supervised the removal of some material. that he went back to a terror camp where the members were plotting to attack the second facility in benghazi, and he armed himself fully expecting his u.s. arrest. but in any event the judge ordered him detained until the trial. >> thank you very much for the breaking news and the details. right now as mentioned hurricane hunters are flying
8:36 am
over the tropical storm arthur watching it develop. right now we'll have a live report from north carolina. these are images from space of the storm. north carolina, right now having a mandatory evacuations for some parts of that state. we'll get you up to date on this storm. the search is on in texas for the driver who ran down two people. why police say this was not an accident. plus, target officials decided shoppers can bring guns inside stores. it is one of the stories we are following this morning around the "newsnation." motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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tropical storm arthur is gaining strength and threatening the fourth of july plans for millions of people. the national weather service issued a hurricane warning for parts of north carolina just about a half hour ago. residents in the eastern part of the state now have 36-hours or less to prepare for what will be a hurricane by tomorrow.
8:40 am
joining me now from wrightsville beach, north carolina. the weather channel's reagan medgie. we see a lot of people enjoying the beach but there have been some evacuations already. we're here in wrightsville beach. the winds have picked up. you can see the ocean capping. there's a lot of people on the beach and in the beach in the ocean enjoying everything. but another thing here the coastal safety crews are putting everybody in action. if we pan the camera you can see the life guards on duty. we spoke to the director of the ocean rescue he beefed up control on the beach. there's an atv. we have the jet ski as well. those things are in place in the event that the surf gets a little rough. this tropical storm watch,
8:41 am
wright is going to produce heavy winds, heave rain, a rough surf and rip current. all happening at the peek tomorrow. people are enjoying the day. that's a good thing. again, tomorrow around lunchtime is when this storm here is really going start kicking up and churning. all eyes on the sky. today a beautiful day. the highs are going to be in the low 90s pop people try to get in what they can here at wrightsville beach, north carolina. >> thank you. a scary explosion in philadelphia. a food truck. and it tops the look at stories around the "newsnation" today. surveillance video caught the explosion which left 12 people injured. two critically. police say a propane tank from the truck was found 100-feet away in someone's backyard. and a hit and run in houston,
8:42 am
texas also caught on camera. two men were standing in a gas station parking lot were hit by a driver, they say, was angle at them after they exchanged words earlier. both men were taken to the hospital. we're told they're going to be okay. police are releasing the video in hopes catching the woman behind the wheel. target is announcing no-gun policy. interim crow said in a statement that bringing firearms, quote, brings an environment that is at odds with family-friendly shopping. up next actor, activist joining me live with a new film out tomorrow chronicling his fascinating and ground breaking life. >> i was the best helmsman. and all the stereo type. >> why his life has been transformed as a fan it's a call as a science science movie.
8:43 am
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new developments today. the case of the missing detroit boy who was found in his father's basement following
8:47 am
intensive 11 day search. the 12-year-old boy has been interviewed by federal officials, and police are now considering possible criminal charges. the latest from nbc's ron mott. >> criminal charges could come as early as charles. >> we're getting reports that son has been found in your basement. sir? are you -- >> what? >> he's the detroit father who learned that his son missing for 11 days, had been found alive in the family basement during a national tv interview. >> how could your son be alive in your basement? >> i have no -- i have no idea. >> his attorney said his client is ready to defend himself. >> why do you expect the charges? they've been floating it out there all along. >> according to a court petition obtained by nbc news his 12-year-old son had a half
8:48 am
circular scar on the chest caused by his father driving a pipe into his chest. the doctor exampled the boy reported seeing old scars on the buttocks. he admitted disciplining his son with a pipe which police say had traces of blood on it. according to the petition, the boy told authorities his stepmother, arrested last week on an unrelated charge, knew he was in the basement and didn't bring him food forcing him to sneak up stairs when the house was clear. >> his attorney denies there was any abuse in the home telling nbc news late tuesday that his sclient upset. it's like his world has been turned upside down. the world pulled out from underhim. >> he's a wonderful, loving father. >> the attorney said charlie was unhappy his father planned to send him to public school or it military academy. >> his son was accustomed to being home school. i think he reacted to that situation. >> the fbi interviewed charlie
8:49 am
tuesday police say, though didn't offer specifics. and to another story we've been following. two 12 year-old girls accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times for a fictional character known as slenderman. were back in court this morning. nbc is not identifying the suspects due to their age. each appeared before the judge separately. the hearing primarily focuses on their mental competency after her attorney told the court he believes she's mentally i recall. they have been charged as adults with attempted murder alleging they plotted this for months. joining me now is the crime reporter for the milwaukee centennial. >> let's start what we heard in court. one of the attorneys brought up the issue of her mental health. what have we learned today? >> well, we learned today that the two doctors, one secured by
8:50 am
the girl's own lawyer, second appointed by the state, each agreed apparently, that the girl, at this time, is not competent to proceed with the trial. expected was that would lead to more treatment to make her competent and, instead, in a strange twist, the state asked that the girl be further examined. her lawyer objected and said that was premature and the judge ordered it anyway. she will get more review and they will go from there. >> what have we heard from the families of these girls since the developments and the accusations were first made? any more details that will perhaps help understand if these allegations are true? >> we've heard very, very little from any of the families. the one girl, the girl who has been found incompetent at the moment, her father has been at the hearings. he has said nothing to anyone. he does express, through his
8:51 am
lawyer, as the other girls through her attorney, that they are very upset about this. they feel bad for the victim girl and her family. we've gotten a little bit more from her because she was in the hospital and now she's out. they keep us updated about her condition. we hear a little bit from her but still nothing nearly what everyone would like to hear about what these girls were like. >> bruce, thank you for keeping us up to date on this case as there is a high interest in what really happened there. there's a lot going on this morning and here's one thing we thought you should know. the navy has just promoted its first female four-star general. she's a 32-year vet. in 1999, she became the first african-american woman to command a navy ship. she also had a hand in saving captain phillips that turned into a movie. that was one of the things that
8:52 am
we thought you should know today. he's one of america's most beloved tv stars and in the years since the original show, george takei has taken on lbgt rights. he's got a brand-new documentary out today. it's an intriguing look at his life. >> my life has transformed as fantastically as a science fiction movie. >> it was a painful moment there. i don't believe in negativity. you determine your destiny. >> george is the love of my life. i'm proud of him.
8:53 am
>> i've heard that before. >> what makes him appealing, people feel like they have a really real connection to him. >> i hope he realizes what he has suck succeeded in doing. >> it's okay to be takei. >> it certainly is. and george takei joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. i'm curious, why did you think that this was the right time to share your story? >> hi, tamron. >> hi. >> well, there's always a right time for everything but particularly now with 19 states enjoying marriage equality. exactly a year from last week, the supreme court came down with a ruling striking down the defense of marriage act and now we have that many states with equality and we're working on the rest of the country so we don't have a patchwork of equality throughout the united states.
8:54 am
>> and to your point, it was just last week president obama issued that executive order that would extend employee protections to federal employees on the bases of gender, making it illegal to discriminate against transgender individuals. when you look at the scope of the civil rights issue as it relates to lgbt, it seems like it happened overnight. we know that it did not, looking at your life. but it has a sense that the ball is moving at an unstoppable pace and at a fast pace. >> it's amazing. frankly, you know, even a couple of decades ago we would not have imagined this. but now it's happening and president obama's giving employment protection to federal employees is only a step forward. we still have the employment
8:55 am
nondiscrimination act that's languishing in congress. because good workers, outstanding workers, can be fired just because they happen to be gay or lesbians. so that cannot exist. >> back to your documentary, one of your lines, "my life has been transformed almost as fantastically as science fiction." when you look back at your life do you say i'm a normal guy with an extra ordinary life or an extraordinary guy with a normal life? >> here i am happily married to my husband brad with a lot of friends who are lgbt and happily married and some of them raising children. it is an extraordinary world that we live in today but we
8:56 am
still have not equality for everyone. and so that's our next goal, to make sure that all americans enjoy the same equality and employment nondiscrimination act is that next step. >> it's clear that you think beyond yourself and your life. we greatly appreciate you joining us. people should see your documentary. it's a great story. thank you, george. we really like having you on. hope to see you soon. >> enjoyed talking with you, tamron. it's okay to be takei. >> that does it for this "news nation." i will be at the essence festival in new orleans. we will have a meet and greet session on saturday. go to our facebook page and we'll tell you tomorrow. if you're in new orleans, check me out. up next, andrea mitchell
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right now on "andrea mitchell report," the benghazi mastermind suspect is in court. he was plotting a new attack on the u.s. we'll get the latest from nbc's pete williams. president obama continues to taunt republicans. we're planning to go to court for what they say is abuse of executive power. >> middle class families can't wait for republicans in congress to do stuff. so sue me. as long as they are doing nothing, i'm not going to apologize for doing something. >> why a new poll may have the president singing a bit of a different tune.


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